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Free Zone Company Setup

We provide comprehensive Free Zone Company Setup Services in Dubai and other emirates, to entrepreneurs and businesses so they gain a foothold in the tough UAE industry.

Free Zone Company Setup Services in the UAE

We have free zone company setup specialists that provide assistance to clients from beginning to end.

A free zone company is the most effective legal organization giving not only the benefit of 100% control to the businessmen or investors but also a host of other special benefits that other legal structures do not provide.

Normally, expatriates require a local sponsor to startup businesses in the UAE mainland, however via free zone firms, the expatriate may set up their company without a local sponsor and experience 100% repatriation of capital income. The Free Zones provide a 100% business and personal income tax gain.

Let us help you turn your dreams into reality, consult with the leading business consulting firm in the UAE. It is our goal to keep client satisfaction at 100% with our excellent Services.

Benefits of setting up a company in a UAE Free Zone

freezone company benefits


You can set up various types of companies in the Free Zones depending on the requirements.

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE) – Single Shareholder
  • Free Zone Corporation (FZC)
  • More than two shareholders
  • Branch Company – An entity with a company in the UAE or a foreign region can have a branch in one of the free zones in Dubai.


The major UAE Free Zones

Each Free Zone is developed around one or more categories of the business sector and only gives licenses to businesses within those categories.

Abu Dhabi freezone

Abu Dhabi Free Zones

Dubai freezones

Dubai Free Zones

Sharjah Freezones

Sharjah Free Zones

Ajman Freezones

Ajman Free Zones

Umm al Quwain free zone

Umm Al Quwain Free Zones

Ras al Khaimah free zones

Ras Al Khaimah Free Zones

Fujairah free zone

Fujairah Free Zones



Why choose our Company setup services?

  • We have experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience in free zone company setup services
  • Your privacy and security are of utmost priority, we will ensure that your personal information is secured at the highest level
  • Our free zone company setup services are one of the most efficient and effective in the UAE
  • We keep our free zone company setup services cost-effective, without compromising quality

Dubai provides attractive incentives for company creation to businessmen, to set up their business anywhere in the UAE depending on their type of industry, area (free zone, mainland or offshore), expenditure, ownership preference (100% ownership or local sponsorship), and other such aspects. These require acute preparation, awareness of local culture and democratic norms, and comprehensive decision-making through different business setup phases. Set up your company in a UAE Free Zone with Averyx Group.

Access to do business, massive tax cuts, and friendly government policies drive businessmen and investors to set up their companies in Dubai’s Free Zones.

We have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your company’s aspirations without thinking about visa applications, red tape, paperwork, regulatory formalities, residency licenses, banking information, etc.

For inquiries, contact us and our professional team will be pleased to assist you with all the information

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